Welcome to Aceel’s corner of the internet.

Hi! I'm Aceel Kibbi, a Boston-born, Beirut-bred, radio and podcast producer.

I tend to follow the distractions of my curiosity wherever they might lead, which is why my career has taken me from the busy streets of Beirut, Lebanon to the landscapes of Salzburg, Austria. And somehow, life brought me back to Boston, MA in 2017, where I re-discovered my love for all things audio/radio.

I’m passionate about creating audio stories that include a range of voices and lived experiences, both in front of the microphone and behind the scenes.

When I’m not chasing stories, you'll most likely find me snapping photos, raving about a new podcast, or writing in my worn-out journal.

I’m always up for a challenge — so if you’ve got a project or an idea in mind, let’s chat!