Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Hi! I'm Aceel, but you can call me Ace.

I'm a Boston-born, Beirut-bred, American-Lebanese hybrid.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked as writer, a social media manager, and a producer. My curiosity has led me to work in non-profits, television, film, magazines, and newsrooms.

I found my “sweet spot” in public radio.

My career has taken me from the nooks of Beirut, Lebanon, to the scenic landscapes of Salzburg, Austria, and to the historic brownstones of Boston, MA.

During my free time, you'll most likely find me wandering the streets, exploring Boston’s best coffee shops, listening to a new podcast, or writing in my worn-out journal.

Everyday is an opportunity for me to learn something new or discover a new hobby - so if you're looking for someone to try a pottery class with, sign me up.