I collected field tape during the annual WGBH v. WBUR softball game. Some of the audio was played on WGBH’s Early Edition with Joe Mathieu on September 20, 2018.

During my time at Innovation Hub, I produced two radio segments and edited them for air.

Author Rosemary Gibson says that China is becoming the world’s pharmacy, but that development, she argues, comes with many risks.

Science writer Susan Freinkel chronicles the history of plastics and explores how, for better or worse, the material shapes our lives. 

I also co-produced and/or edited a variety of other segments. Click the “Listen” button to take a look.

“Diaspora Blues” is an 8-minute vignette of Sarah Hassan, a Palestinian American who feels a strong connection to a culture she’s never experienced. Edited to sound like a radio diary, the story illustrates the complexities of being a first-generation American, feeling like an "other" in your own home, and belonging to a country in peril. 

Vinyl records are making a comeback. Record sales have increased in double-digits every year since 2012. To get a sense of why this is happening, I did a profile of one of the oldest record stores in the Boston area, “Skippy White's Records”. The store happens to be the only record store in Roxbury, too. I interviewed the owner, Mr. White himself, and the manager, Mark Segal, and they walked me through the history of the record industry.